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Superintendent's Communications
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Mission Statement
"To Educate All Students To Be Life Long Learners
and Responsible Citizens in a Global Society."


Dr. Margaret Frieswyk

Newsletters, and Video  Presentations  from the Desk of


Budget FY2014 Video Presentation

Superintendent Dr. Frieswyk


Newsletters,  and Video  Presentations



Welcome Back to Staff Letter - 2012

Welcome back letter to staff 2011


Superintendent's Summer News Letter 2013


Superintendent's Winter News Letter 2013

Superintendent's Fall News Letter 2012

Superintendent's Summer News Letter 2012

Superintendent's Spring News Letter 2012

Superintendent's Winter News Letter 2012

Summer Newsletter 2011

Spring Newsletter 2011

Winter Newsletter 2011

Fall Newsletter 2010

Summer Newsletter 2010

Spring Newsletter 2010

Winter Newsletter 2010

Fall Newsletter 2009

The H1NI Flu (formerly referred to as the Swine Flu) continues to present a challenge to families, schools, and communities.
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News Letter September 2009

Winter Newsletter 2009

Letter to Parents September 8, 2009

News Letter September/October 2008

Budget FY14 Video Presentation  (link)


Budget FY 14 Presentation slide show  (link)

Budget FY13 Video Presentation  (link)

 Budget FY 13Presentation slide show  (link)

Budget FY12 Video Presentation  (link)

 Budget FY 12 Presentation slide show  (link)

Budget FY11  Video Presentation

Budget Presentation FY 2011
PowerPoint Slide Show

Budget FY10  Video Presentation

Budget fy10 presentation slide show

Budget FY09  Video Presentation

Budget fy09 presentation slide show

Dr. Frieswyk Announces
John and Abigail Adams (MCAS) Scholarship Recipients

Slide Show MCAS Presentation 2009

Slide Show MCAS Presentation 2008

Energy Management Plan

"Randolph Elks Lodge 2130 Gives Generous
 Donation of Student Dictionaries
to Every Third Grade Student
at the Ralph D. Butler School"



"Avon Teachers "kick off" the 2010-2011 school year at Gillette Stadium.
The theme was "building a strong team"
with special remarks from Bob Kraft and Pete Brock"

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MRSA Infections
Letter to Parents on MRSA Infections from Avon Schools Health Services

Frequently Asked Questions about MRSA


Risk Behavior Survey - Village Meeting Letter to Parents

Avon Messenger Superintendent's Column

Dr. Frieswyk Announces John and Abigail Adams (MCAS) Scholarship Recipients

Opening of School Letter to Faculty and Staff from Dr. Frieswyk

Opening of School Agenda to Faculty and Staff from Dr. Frieswyk

State Educational Management Audit Council Report 2004-2006 - PDF Format

Superintendent Frieswyk's Response to
the State Educational Management Audit Council Report

District Improvement Plan 2007-2012


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