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  Great Gatsby Video Game


Interactive: Find the heart with a virtual stethoscope->  For Valentines Day  2/14/2011



Increase your Vocabulary

How Dare You Call Me a Snollygoster, You Mooncalf

Top 10 Rare & Amusing Insults



I Hate Math! (Not After This, You Won't)


Digital Media Guided Tour

11/11/10  Want to download e-books and audiobooks to your smart phone or nook?  Wonder what device is compatible?

Click Here

Download free books through the Old Colony Network or the Boston Public Library  (You'll need your Avon card to get a free BPL card online)


10/26/2010 In honor of my mother's birthday (really, it IS today)  I'm posting the library's contribution to the betterment of our vocabulary.







10/10/10  Word Count - Very Interesting www.wordcount.org/main.php,  

9/27/2010 -   Wonderful Educational Resources

9/1/2010   For all you history fans!  http://quiz.history.com/game


6/3/10 -  Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe 

4/21/10 - Distractology 101 is a crash course on distracted driving

Location     Dates         Agency                              Phone To Schedule

Quincy 5/2 - 5/8 Albert J. Marchionne Insurance      617-471-5010 Call Agency

 Quincy 5/16 - 5/22 Eastern Insurance Group            800-333-7234 x59485 Call Agency

N. Easton 6/6 - 6/12 Morse Insurance Agency,         508-238-0056 x207 Call Agency


3/1/2010  - Bully Books for Middle School

2/11/2010  Watch Shante!

2/2/10    Learn some words in Chinese


Haitian Earthquake Information

Information about the country Haiti

1/15/10  Convert youtube videos to mp3s with http://www.clipconverter.cc/

1/3/10  Having trouble with keyword searching?  Need to broaden or narrow your topic?  Are you visual?  Try Visuwords - an online graphical dictionary


12/29/09  Want to stretch your mind in the coming year?  Take a forensics class!

12/15/09  Why Books Make Great Gifts!



12/5/09 - Vocabulary - Are you a visual learner?  Learn S.A.T. vocabulary the visual way with Brainyflix



11/23/09 AMHS just became a partner school of the Wheelock Family Theater. 

We received discounted tickets to go to the play, Tale of Two Cities. 
Are you interested in the Study Guide for the play? Click HERE.
If you attended Tale of Two Cities you received a button.  Save that button and you and a guest can attend any of the other
plays this season for free.  Next show is

January 29, 2010 - February 28, 2010

Friday nights at 7:00, Saturday & Sunday matinees at 3:00
School Vacation Week Matinees at 1:00; February 16 - 19
ASL/AD: Friday February 26 at 7:00 & Sunday February 28 at 3:00 

A rollicking comic musical; winner of the 2000 OLIVIER Award for Best Musical.


Thanks to the sponsorship of Bank America you can also attend free theater classes

11/22/09  Why do you go to school? - 11 Skills You'll Need for a Career

11/10/09 - The Big Myth Site



11/2/09  Do you have or know someone with Lyme Disease?  Visit this student project,  The Lyme Disease Map Project -a voluntary study to evaluate the effectiveness of social networking for public health education and to prevent the spread of Lyme disease

10/30/09    Today a student asked me, "Mrs. London what does 'ironic' mean?  What's irony?"  Mrs. London replied with lyrics from the Alanis Morissette song Ironic. She mentioned this to MR. London who replied with this video:

via videosift.com

10/19/09  GSA & GLSEN Ally Week 2009

10/10/09  Babelgum presents - Color Me Katie- very cool art!


9/15/09 Mesopotamia's diverse contributions in writing, mathematics, literature, and law come alive again in Discover Babylon, the game

9/5/09 Practice Telling time

8/01/09  It's not too late to sign up for the FREE Summer Virtual Technology Camp for Teens
Learning Paths  include:

  • Make a 3D Video Game
  • Build a Mobile Phone App (using Google Android)
  • Building Flashy Websites with JavaFX
  • Learn Java Programming
  • Make Exceptional Videos
  • Digital Graphics Lab
  • Animation Exploration
  • Mix It, Mash It, Make Your Own Music

7/31/09 Kim McLarin: In Defense of Fiction

6/21/09  Mrs. London loves a quiet library.  Watch this video from 1953 called How Quiet Helps at School

6/15/2009 - Send Your Name to Mars

NASA invites you to submit your name to be included on a microchip that will be sent to Mars as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, scheduled to launch in 2011. Mars Science Laboratory is a rover that will assess whether Mars ever was, or still is, an environment able to support microbial life.

The "Send Your Name to Mars" Web page enables anyone to take part in the mission by sending his or her name to the Red Planet. Participants can print a certificate of participation and view a map showing where other contributors are from.

5/28/09 Comic Strip Creator
             ToonDoo -
Another Comic Creator


5/21/09 Lizzie Borden Links

Lizzie Borden House


Trial of Lizzie Borden http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/LizzieBorden/bordenbiblio.html

Chris Moon's Telephone Invented by Thomas Edison

The Lizzie Borden / Fall River Case Study -- Using primary source materials from the Lizzie Borden ax murder trial and from Fall River, Massachusetts, this project teaches to reconstruct the historical past using evidence at hand. The virtual archive and tools developed for this project include materials not generally available anywhere else. Center for Computer-Based Instructional Technology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

5/8/09  Transitioning to College from a Library Perspective
            and to go along with this:  How To Read Call Numbers in an College Library




4/17/09  Future Me - allows you to send yourself an email time capsule at any date up to 30 years in the future.

4/5/09  Did you watch the documentary Paper Clips with Mrs. London?  Would you like to share it with family members?
Watch it for free at http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/paper_clips/

4/2/09  The Week in Rap - Keep up with current events!  (You need to go to the site by clicking  to find the rap for the current week.  This is just an example from the date of posting.)

Week In Rap 3.27 from


3/20/09   Fun with Forensics

1 GB of free offsite storage ( trial only lasts a week, but it's good in a pinch)
2/25/09 Weekly Chess Problem      

1/29/2009  Blackoogle Search Green! Blackoogle is the new Green Google. Last year ecoIron blog reported Google would save mega megawatts by converting its famous whitespace to a black background.

1/14/09 Studying for Midterms?  You need Quizlet!  Quizlet is a free interactive learning tool that’s a great way to study pretty much anything that requires memorization.  To use Quizlet enter in any kind of data (vocabulary, dates, etc.) and Quizlet generates specialized flashcards, games & quizzes.  Test yourself & have your friends test themselves!  (Don't forget to search the pre-made cards!)

1/5/2009  Happy New Year - One Year in 40 Seconds

12/10/08 i-speech - Read with your ears

11/25/08 Playwright Melinda Lozez talks about her play, Gary

11/6/08 How To Make A Solar Powered USB Charger - charge your ipod!

10/31/08 www.Hulu.com Want to watch free movies?  (oldies but goodies like "Men in Black" or "Sleepless in Seattle")  Want to watch free TV episodes? (The Office, House,  Family Guy, The Simpsons)  Another option? www.fancast.com

10/3/08 The Capitol Steps - Music and political satire.  They put the "MOCK in Democracy."  Get a different perspective on the election!

9/15/08 Rocketbook video study guides - Think Sparknotes + Youtube! 
Pages available for 1984, Crucible, Scarlet Letter, Great Gatsby etc.

9/02/08 Image Chef express yourself. instantly.

6/4/08 First Chapter of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

5/6/08 Create A Magazine Cover

4/5/08 Technology Tutorials found on the Web

3/6/08  Presidential Election Links

2/25/08 Food Timeline - Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why?

1/29/08 Comicstrip Creator

1/3/2008   Rachel's Challenge

11/13/2007  The FBI website for the Sacco & Vanzetti case

11/5/2007  British History Topics
                  British History Topics From the BBC

10/29/07 Test yourself for hidden bias

10/22/07 Was superman racist? Was Dr. Seuss?

10/1/07 Where is Matt? - Matt is a 30-year-video games designer from Connecticut who dances badly all over the world. At the end of 2005, Matt left on a 6 month trip through 39 countries on all 7 continents. In that time, he danced a great deal.

9/10/07  Download Beowulf for your ipod.

 09/06/07  Sky Scenes with meteorologist Matt Noyes is a weekly segment presenting pictures that  viewers have sent in from across New England. AMHS's own Christa Feetham has a picture appearing in this week's episode.  Christa took a digital photo at P.C.C.  this summer that is featured in this short video.  Congratulations Christa!

06/06/07  The book, Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky is very popular this month in our library.  Play the Build Your Own Boyfriend game that goes along with the book.

5/21/07  Kelley Abbot's senior tribute

5/14/07  Stephen Troy, (AMHS grad and filmmaker extraordinaire ) presents the classic film, The Printer That Ate Everyone

5/7/07 Rock & Roll Library In tribute to Ms. Pugsley's 8th grade classes who researched Rock & Roll

4/30/07 Stop Global Warming Help the earth!

4/23/07 Duct Tape Prom fashions - Why spend "big bucks" on formalwear when you can wear duct tape?

4/16/07 Some booklists I like  Annotated (they tell what the book is about)

4/09/07  Bust a Cell - If you are going to play games in the library... "Try our new bust-a-cell game – can you repair the damaged cells before they multiply out of control?"

4/2/07  Read E-Books Enter your Massachusetts  library card number and read electronic books online from cover-to-cover, including tables and illustrations. netLibrary® includes approximately 7,000 books.  Browse for 15 minutes or create a free account.

3/26/07 Driving 101 Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles webpage with drivers manual  new laws for junior operators

3/19/07 Tessellations - What are Tessellations?  Now you can try it for yourself

3/12/07 Looking for a car (or a job so you can earn money for a car)  Try Craigslist

3/5/07  You'll love these websites, I swear!  Cuss Control Academy   & How Stuff Works - Swearing 

2/26/07  Shakespeare High Do you find Shakespeare challenging to read?  Never fear! Check out this Shakespeare resource

2/20/07  Motivational Quotes of the Day  Read the quote of the day!

2/12/07 Happy Valentines Day.  How do you say I love you?  WHBH's website will let you listen to "I love you" in 31 different languages

 2/05/07 Collection of movies, films, and videos. This collection contains thousands of videos which range from classic full-length movies, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to user-uploaded videos of every genre

1/29/2007  Researching Social Issues? This site gives info on current social issues from multiple perspectives.

1/22/07  Midterms are almost over so now it's time to relax.  Explore this excellent museum, the Exploratorium. Discover how cacao beans become candy bars-and why we all love chocolate. See living mouse stem cells at the Microscope Imaging Station!

1/16/07  Midterms are approaching.  Get an A on your test with these Test Taking Tips.

1/08/07  Online Bibliography Creator  (MLA format) from Noodle Tools  (make sure you sign up for the free option)
How to write an outline  Help with outlining for those research papers

1/2/07 Nayio Humming Search  Do you have a song stuck in your head and can't name that tune? 
Hum your song into your PC mic and Nayio will tell you what you're singing.

12/18/06   Works cited page MLA format

12/12/11/06  Wikipedia - AMHS page: Please add to it!!  Using a Wikipedia page as a source?  Remember to compare your information with other sources for accuracy.  Need directions to cite your Wikipedia source? click here

12/5/06 Need notecards? Use this template complete with blue and red lines.

11/26/06 Thesis Statement Websites (I couldn't decide which one to pick)
     Thesis statement overview
     Developing a thesis statement
     Checklist for thesis statements
     Thesis info

11/20/2006  Grokker A way to visibly narrow or broaden your topic

11/13/06 Periodic Table of Comic Book.  Who is your favorite superhero?

10/30/06  Literature Map.
With this tool you can search for authors who write works of a similar nature to writers you might  already enjoy.


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