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Historical Fiction Matchmaking Activity

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General Sites

BEST OF HISTORY WEB SITES Best of History Web Sites is a portal created for students, history teachers, and general history enthusiasts. The site now features links to K-12 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more throughout its pages. Founded by MA teacher, Thomas Daccord
SOCIAL STUDIES LESSONS AND ACTIVITIES These lesson plans are based on PBS programs. To find a lesson, select a grade level and a topic.
SOCIAL STUDIES SOURCES Site for social studies teachers. Choose your content area for suggested sites.
WHY USE PRIMARY SOURCES?  Nice Presentation explaining advantages of primary sources
(Primary source documents dating back to 1492)
HISTOR eSEARCH Histor eSearch was created for students, history teachers and history buffs. Search by topic
HISTORY WIZARD   “Step into the past and let the Wizard take you to a different time”. . .Search by time, region or subject
THE HISTORY CHANNEL   The Web Site of the television network.
SCHOOL HOUSE Links are provided to various history sources.
HISTORYNET History site
STATISTICAL RESOURCES ON THE WEB From the Document Center,  searchable site for statistics on the web.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPEDITIONS Activities, lesson plans, and links for the study of history
FESTIVALS.COM:  CELEBRATING THE WORLD OF FESTIVALS & EVENTS Interactive, clickable maps to find festivals and information on every country in the world.



Wide variety of information about countries of the world, including maps, prepared by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
GEOGRAPHY Links to study of maps, climate, the census, and more.
PORTALS TO THE WORLD Contains selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world. They are arranged by country or area with the links for each sorted into a wide range of broad categories.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Online site of the National Geographic Society

World History

WORLD HISTORY:  3,000 YEARS OF WORLD HISTORY TIMELINES Links to the award winning project HyperHistory Online
K-12 AFRICA GUIDE Collection of online resources for the study of Africa from the University of PA.
From Minnesota State University , a virtual museum covering world history from ancient to modern times.
HISTORICAL MAP WEB SITES Collection of links to historical maps.
HYPERHISTORY ONLINE 3,000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.

Time Periods / Places

ALTERNATIME Collection of timelines on the Web.
FOOD TIMELINE Food Timeline-- history notes: Mesopotamia through Shakespeare.  Recipes and more.
HISTORY BY DECADES -   Facts, Fads and Fashions From 1650 - Lists Events of the Decade, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Science, Slang etc. Great for writers


Ancient History

Roman Coins Activity

ANCIENT HISTORY LINKS Links to easy to understand sites about ancient history.
ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA Easy site about Ancient Mesopotamia - MA frameworks
MESOPOTAMIAN MEDICINE  Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia
From the Women in World History Curriculum site
MESOPOTAMIAN DAILY LIFE Mesopotamian Daily Life links
THE SUMERIANS OF ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA Easy to read account of the Sumerians
MESOPOTAMIAN LINKS From Ancient Civilizations for Kids site
POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS OF ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA  Presentations of many aspects of Ancient Mesopotamia
RECREATION IN MESOPOTAMIA From Gateway to Babylon site discusses the recreation aspects of daily life in ancient Mesopotamia
SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION- not scholarly but nice pictures
MESOPOTAMIAN TIMELINE Important dates in Mesopotamian history
MESOPOTAMIAN RESOURCES links to sites with Mesopotamian info

Ancient Egypt

EGYPTIAN LINKS - Many Ancient Cultures Site - Scroll down to Egyptian heading
THE ANCIENT EGYPT SITE The award-winning Ancient Egypt Site is an interactive book about the history and culture of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Includes a timeline, introduction to hieroglyphics, glossary, bibliography, and reference guide.
LIFE IN ANCIENT EGYPT From the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
THE MYSTERIES OF EGYPT Great Ancient Egypt site
VIRTUAL EGYPT Fun Ancient Egypt site
PHARAOHS AND KINGS OF EGYPT  7 Famous faces from the past
ROYALTY OF EGYPT Links to Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens
FAMOUS PHARAOHS Brief, easy to read biographies 
CLEOPATRA  Many links to sites about Cleopatra


Ancient Greece

MYTHWEB  (Information about heroes, gods and monsters in Greek mythology
http://www.ancientgreece.com/ (General information) Classical Myth. Department of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria. http://web.uvic.ca/grs/bowman/myth  (Images and text)
http://www.pantheon.org/areas/mythology/europe/greek/articles.html Encyclopedia Mythica.(God and goddess encyclopedia)
http://messagenet.com/ myths/ and http://messagenet.com/myths/bios/ Greek Mythology(Bios and myths) http://www.desy.de/gna/interpedia/greek_myth/greek_ myth.html Greek Mythology
http://www.loggia.com/ myth/gods.html Mythography.(Bios, myths and representation in art)
http://www.theoi.com/ The Theoi Project: Guide to Greek Mythology.(Geneology)
http://www.wingedsandals.com/ Winged Sandals, The Greek Mythology Website. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, University of Melbourne.(Interactive site)
http://www.paleothea.com/ Women in Greek Myths.

European History

Waterloo Interactive Battle Simulator
EUROPEAN HISTORY    From the Plague through Contemporary Europe
ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BRITISH HISTORY Historical encyclopedia created in Great Britain .


French revolution quizlet

 Industrial Revolution

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbtKnvc_9No   Weaving by hand


Webquest on basics
The Industrial Revolution: A Timeline 
Abbreviated Timeline 

Links to some inventions
Industrial Revolution overview
Industrial Revolution-  The Emergence of Modern Industrialism

4-2-Explore website with Industrial Revolution links




List of Inventors worksheet

Jeopardy Review


Imperialism Webquest #1

Imperialism WebQuest #2

Indian Imperialism

Victorian Era

Rubric for activities

Investigate the Victorian Tea in the Library
(see shoe polishing, dusting rubrics etc.)

Watch us learn about the Victorian Era (Part One)




Victorian Tea was reenacted at the 2011 Evening with the Arts 


(scroll to the bottom to watch Ms. Mahoney's slide show)


Top Website picks from 2011 Victorian Class:

Dating / Courtship - Tanjyot Kaur
    http://averyl.com/attic/flirt.htm -- This website shows how a lady or gentleman of the         Victorian Era should act and the rules to follow while flirting.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NReWvXkx1Ps -- This clip, from the movie “Kate and         Leopold”, is a comparison on the ways of flirting between a modern man and a 19th         century man.

Parlour Games - Melody Piccini

http://www.literacycommunity.com/grade3/pioneercontent/games.html This website explains the different games that were played and it always tells exactly how they were played.


For most of the 19th Century, parents believed that children should not engage in activities which mentally or physically fatigued them, or interfered with their chores. There were not many "acceptable" pastimes, but gardening, playing a musical instrument, visiting, walk
http://www.funjoint.com/parlour.htm explains multiple unique games that people played


Victorian parlor games are fun games for groups and parties. Lists game descriptions and rules.


Health- Delaney Ingalls http://www.literacycommunity.com/grade3/pioneercontent/treatments.html This website explained some different types of treatments that were used in the Victorian Era. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8WbrS0O5FE This video explained, in detail, how surgeries were performed.

Social Classes - Shumon =)
http://www.victorian-era.org/victorian-era-social-classes.html This website gives great information on the lower, middle and upper classes.

Industrial Safety - Nikunj Shah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eFwNk7I0hg&p
laynext=1&list=PL912BCA4E80F97E80 This video shows the different safety techniques that were used in the factories.
http://www.nettlesworth.durham.sch.uk/time/victorian/vindust.html This website explains all of the different safety rules and living conditions.

Women’s Fashions- Jessica Jaro

video of what women would wear during the victorian era

website going into detail of the different articles of clothing
this website talks about the jewelry that they would wear in the victorian era since jewelry is included in fashion.
See More


Men’s Fashions -  Hans Mendoza
http://www.gentlemansemporium.com/victorian-clothing-guide.php This website shows what kind of clothes men wore and their basic attire.

Children’s Clothing - Sabrina


If you wanted to be informed about the Victorian Era, these two websites would be ideal to see. The sites are very interesting since they have explanations of what the children would wear during this Era, as well as pictures ...
to look at!


Workhouses -Brian

tells who worked and lived in the workhouses. All the people were poor and have and have barely any food.Also it tells you what the workhouses provided


Before 1834, poor people were looked after by buying food and clothing from money collected from land owners and other wealthy people.

Victorian Hairstyles - Azaria
http://www.fashion-era.com/hair_hats_180040.htm, I picked this website because it show’s a variety of hairstyles from this era. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hLPFtvw0pk I chose this video because you see you see actual hairstyles from this time.

Victorian Mourning Jewelry- Melody

Architecture Adam

shows many different kinds on homes during the Victorian times and why they were built and the meaning of everything on the house and why it looks like that.

many pictures on my topic with many unique and very important facts about architecture during... the Victorian times.
See More


Real Estate in Cape May Realtors in Cape May

many nice pictures and good facts on Victorian Architecture

See More

Children’s Games & Toys- Elizabeth Ventola

This video explains the difference in toys and game between rich and poor children of the Victorian Era.
this site exlpains how the variety of toys were used.


Toys And Games In The Victorian Era (History Homework)


Furniture & the Home-LYNDSEY MACQUARRIE!!!!!!!
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/1900house/house/index.htm This website shows the whole house from the Victorian Era.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNA7n6rvJIM this shows a doll house but it shows everything in the house and shows what the people in the house are doing in the house too.

    Lighting the Victorian home - Mackenzie Keefe
http://www.medievaltravel.co.uk/technology/medieval-technology-rush-lights.html Rush lights were commonly used in the victorian era as well as candles and other wax products

Gardens & Gardening - Rachel http://www.victoriana.com/gardening/victoriangarden.html This website shows what the gardens were like back in the Victorian era, and how they relate to today's gardens.
http://www.victoriana.com/gardening/victoriangarden.html This website gives you background information about what elements are required in the making of a Victorian garden.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWFEn42n9WQ This video takes you threw a Victorian garden and shows you what the flowers are used for and how you handle them.
    Foods Shaylin Clancy

It tells what the poor people ate during the Victorian Era. This is what we would have ate if we were real servants.
http://www.erasofelegance.com/history/victorianlife.html It has some very interesting facts. It even talks about the first culinary school.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FNNrBjDpQo The video gives a lot of information and prices of the products that people used. Also they even showed stores of the 19th century.



Fashion During the Victorian era, the precise cut, material and color of a garment revealed the social class of the wearer. With the growing prosperity of the day, fashions for women of the higher classes became increasingly complex. Dresses were composed of several layers of different shades,

   Kitchens and household chores- Brianna Graf(:
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/1900house/house/kitchen/index.html This website has a video and alot of good information about this topic.

    Jobs During the Victorian era - Alexis

I chose this link because it provides many occupations and they have links with information on each one.
This link came from:
This first link is good because it gives the main occupations that were available at the time and it also gives pictures.
This video link is good because it basically takes you on a tour through the jobs they did. There are also more videos like Part 2, Part 3, etc. that do the same thing.

    Dating / Courtship - Tanjyot Kaur
    http://averyl.com/attic/flirt.htm -- This website shows how a lady or gentleman of the         Victorian Era should act and the rules to follow while flirting.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NReWvXkx1Ps -- This clip, from the movie “Kate and         Leopold”, is a comparison on the ways of flirting between a modern man and a 19th         century man.

Medicine- Delaney


Social Classes - Shumon

http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/victorians/middle_classes_01.shtml and


These are two great websites that explain the Victorian Era and the Social Classes



Victorian Game - Adopt the role of a late 19th century character... and try to earn your place in a world where every move is governed by the rules of etiquette.

“Your guide to all things Victorian” http://www.victorianweb.org/
Victorian dictionary – *warning contains mature content http://www.victorianlondon.org
Victorian clothing http://www.logicmgmt.com/1876/day1.htm
1900’s house - http://www.pbs.org/wnet/1900house/
Victorian England Revisited http://www.logicmgmt.com/1876/day1.htm  
Primary resource links     http://home.gwi.net/brhs/socst.html#Primary
Enquire within upon everything: The great Victorian Domestic Standby http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/10766

Turn of the century fashion
Victorian Class Distinctions http://wps.ablongman.com/wps/media/objects/244/250679/ppt/CGallchapters.PPT#10
Victorian Funeral Clothing

Teachers' working conditions
Lesson plan from the 1900s

Victorian Web This site has everything about the Victorian life from social history to politics and more. http://www.usp.nus.edu.sg/victorian/

Victorian Web Sites Many, many sites concerning aspects of Victorian life, work, home furnishings, industry, labor, and much much more.
Victorian Web Sites This site includes links to people and events, Victorian life and more


Invention of the toilet - myths and realities http://www.theplumber.com/crapper.html
Victorian clipart

The Victorian Guide to Women  Youtube video

Victorian Manners & Etiquette

Victorian Etiquette

Victorian Rituals & Traditions - Victorian Etiquette

Victorian Dancing Etiquette


Victorian calling cards

Victorian recipes





World War

http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/ems/history_pages/wwi/wwi.html I

Trench Warfare Game (BBC)

Photos of the Great War

The First World War Digital Archive website.

Great Britain Home Front.


The Financial Cost of the First World War' .

 'First World War Casualties'


Test Your Knowledge of World War I

Decide battle strategy and explore war technology in 'Trench Warfare'. Quiz yourself on dates in 'World War When?'

World War II

World War II - British page for students
World War II sites link
"Best History Sites" - World War II sites
WWII Experience

An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature.

Holocaust Activity

Joesph Stalin and the industralisation of the USSR

Pictorial essay: Death trenches bear witness to Stalin's purges

Korean War

Korean War PowerPoint
The Korean War PowerPoint 2

Korean War Webquest.

Vietnam War

Vietnam War Webquest

US History

American Government - Hippocampus

AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC   A comprehensive site for information about the history of Africans in America .  .
AMERICAN CIVIL WAR HOMEPAGE A comprehensive list of Civil War links listed by topics .
For each decade, there is information about art, books, fashion, historical events, music, theater, a fascinating assortment of basic facts, and more.
AMERICAN MEMORY   Historical Collections for the National Digital Library. Includes wonderful Civil War photos http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/cwphtml/cwphome.html

NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION NARA ensures, for the citizen and the public servant, for the President and for the Congress and the Courts, ready access to essential evidence.
MR. LINCOLN'S VIRTUAL LIBRARY   All about Abraham Lincoln.
OUR DOCUMENTS Explore 100 milestone documents in American History which reflect our past, our future, our diversity, our unity, and mostly our commitment as a nation to continue to strive to form a "more perfect union."
PBS--AMERICAN EXPERIENCE A Spectacular presentation of selected topics in U.S. history with an extensive combination of graphics, text, maps, timelines, biographies, and animations. 
THE HISTORY PLACE The Web site includes good U.S. History information as well as some world history

American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century
American Cultural History: The 19th Century

20th & 21st Century America





Fake Facebook page ning

Fake Facebook page of Civil Rights leaders, villains & participants list

Assignment Directions



Looking for a primary source for your project?  http://crdl.usg.edu/ civil rights digital library


An Alabama Prosecutor Confronts the Burden of History

Timeline - http://www.voicesofcivilrights.org/ Review this civil rights timeline for an interactive tour of pivotal events and moments in civil rights history.


Civil Rights in Mississippi oral histories


Brown v Board of Education

March on Washington


Four Little Girls - Spike Lee's film (one hour, 42 minutes)


Children’s march Birmingham AL- http://www.crmvet.org/tim/timhis63.htm#1963bhcc http://stonytheroad.wikispaces.com/Civil+Rights+Websites

 16th Street Baptist Church. bombings -  Birmingham Alabama 

http://www.useekufind.com/peace/trial.htm#Baxley#Baxley http://www.bplonline.org/resources/Digital_Project/SixteenthStBaptistBomb.asp  http://www.english.uiuc.edu/maps/poets/m_r/randall/birmingham.htm

 Central High integration - Little Rock Arkansas 


Little Rock Nine

Warrior Day Website


Denial of Voting Rights to All Citizens of Selma AL.   

 Sit-ins – Lunch Counters - Greensboro, North Carolina,



Freedom Riders

Freedom Rides

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth 
Fred Shuttlesworth  

 Rosa Parks & Bus Boycott

http://library.kentlaw.edu/Exhibit/Montgomery/boycott2.htm  http://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/rosa-parks/index.html http://www.montgomeryboycott.com/frontpage.htm http://www.montgomeryboycott.com/index_article.htm
Montgomery Bus Boycott

 Emmett Till Murder

 http://www.facinghistory.org/resources/units/emmett-till-a-series-four-lessons?gclid=CLetoaTg1ZMCFQuwGgodkDbHhw http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/till/peopleevents/index.html

 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments


The Black Panther Party


The The Ku Klux Klan


  • Ku Klux Klan

  • Primary source! 1925_The Klansman's Manual - PDF page images at MSU



    Selma March / Bloody Sunday

    Sheyann Webb  http://www.teachersdomain.org/resource/iml04.soc.ush.civil.webb/

    March From Selma to Montgomery


    US Government

    Supreme Court Decisions - http://www.quimbee.com/

    Supreme Court Case Summaries – Every year, Street Law prepares summaries of nine current cases for use in the Supreme Court Institutes and Seminars.  Summaries on all cases covered since 1999, are organized alphabetically, chronologically, and by topic and are available for free to educators for classroom use.


    Play supreme court games

    Our Courts Website
    Constitution Day
    BEN'S GUIDE TO U.S. GOVERNMENT A comprehensive guide to government organization and powers.
    FEDSTATS The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.
    FIFTYSTATES.COM A fabulous resource for information about the fifty states--there are hundreds of facts and links for each state.
    GOVSPOT Federal, State, and Local Government resources
    STATISTICAL ABSTRACT OF THE UNITED STATES (2001) Adobe Acrobat Reader required
    THOMAS--U.S CONGRESS ON THE INTERNET A primary site for all legislative information including legislation, Congressional Record, and Committee information.
    UNITED STATES CENSUS BUREAU census & economic information, state facts, maps, and more|
    CONGRESS LINK Information on the Congress and its leaders.
    UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES A list of Federal Agencies on the Internet
    UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES   what's happening in the house
    UNITED STATES SENATE connect with your senator, search for bill
    UNITED STATES WHITE HOUSE executive branch of the government
    US SUPREME COURT official site
    FIRSTGOV Official U.S. Government site with 30 million pages of government information, services, and online transactions;
    INFO USA Information about the U.S. government, created for foreigners seeking info about American society, politics,. policies and culture.
    STATES AND CAPITALS Look here to find out about the states of the U.S. and their capitals.
    WE THE PEOPLE This tool is customizable by grade level.
    POLITICAL CARTOONS   Access daily political cartoons published by the best world political cartoonists


    Famous Trials - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder

    WOMEN'S HISTORY Web links from Mining.com to women history sites
    NATIONAL WOMEN'S HISTORY PROJECT Study the impact of women on history.

    Digital Commonwealth - Massachusetts Collections Online
    Local Primary Research


    Genocide Pathfinder

    7th grade history

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