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Faculty and Staff List

Name Email Address Position
Ahern, Stephen


  Social Studies
Balasco, Clare cbalasco@avon.k12.ma.us   English - Grade 7
Baker, Janice jbaker@avon.k12.ma.us   Cafeteria
Brandt, Janis  New 04-05 jbrandt@avon.k12.ma.us   World Languages, English
Brennan, Sharon sbrennan@avon.k12.ma.us   Custodian
Buck, Marie mbuck@avon.k12.ma.us   Clerical Aide
Butler, Donald dbutler@avon.k12.ma.us   Social Studies Grade 8
Coleman -Shea, Lee lcolemanshea@avon.k12.ma.us   Speech Pathologist
Conrad, Donna dconrad@avon.k12.ma.us   Language Arts – Grade 8
Conti, Leland   WEB PAGE lconti@avon.k12.ma.us   Spanish/Math
Dunn, Jaret  New 04-05 jdunn@avon.k12.ma.us   Mathematics
Forrand, Jerry jforrand@avon.k12.ma.us   Custodian
Frew, Christine cfrew@avon.k12.ma.us   Physical Education/Health
Gelinas, Paola pgelinas@avon.k12.ma.us   Physics/Physical Science
Gifford, Richard rgifford@avon.k12.ma.us   Chemistry/Math, Athletic Director
Healey, William whealey@avon.k12.ma.us   Music
Henderson, Robert rhenderson@avon.k12.ma.us   Social Studies/Department Head
Heneghan, Theresa  New 04-05 theneghan@avon.k12.ma.us   Mathematics
Hibbard, Tracy thibbard@avon.k12.ma.us   Secretary to the Principal
Hill, Diane dhill@avon.k12.ma.us   Computers Grades 5-8
Kwiecien, Mike mkwiecien@avon.k12.ma.us   Custodian
Longval, Kevin klongval@avon.k12.ma.us   Guidance Counselor/Psychologist
Lowe, Isabel ilowe@avon.k12.ma.us   Cafeteria
Lynch, Peter plynch@avon.k12.ma.us   Technology Education
Mahoney, Virginia   WEB PAGE vmahoney@avon.k12.ma.us   Art
Mains, Joanne jmains@avon.k12.ma.us   Cafeteria
Malcolmson, Marilyn mmalcolmson@avon.k12.ma.us   Guidance Counselor/Psychologist
Manning, Joy jmanning@avon.k12.ma.us   Grade 8 - Mathematics
Marie, Manny mmarie@avon.k12.ma.us   Custodian
Martell, Gloria gmartel@avon.k12.ma.us   School Nurse
McCarthy, Karen kmccarthy@avon.k12.ma.us   Cafeteria
Meany, Virginia vmeany@avon.k12.ma.us   Resource Tutorial Assistant
Miller, Trudy tmiller@avon.k12.ma.us   Computer Technology
Minihan, Joseph jminihan@avon.k12.ma.us   Special Education
Moegelin, Daniel  dmoegelin@avon.k12.ma.us   Assistant Principal
Murphy, Diane dmurphy@avon.k12.ma.us   Special Education
Murray, Joanne jmurray@avon.k12.ma.us   Mathematics - Grade 7
Nilsen, Kristina knilsen@avon.k12.ma.us   English
O’Brien, Constance   WEB PAGE cobrien@avon.k12.ma.us   English/Department Head
Richman, Erin  New 04-05 erichman@avon.k12.ma.us   MS Music
Robison, Lorraine lrobinson@avon.k12.ma.us   Cafeteria
Ruggles, David druggles@avon.k12.ma.us   Latin/English
Sass, Lorelei lsass@avon.k12.ma.us   Guidance Secretary
Seely, Ronald rseely@avon.k12.ma.us   Principal
Shea, Gayle  New 04-05 gshea@avon.k12.ma.us   Life Skills
Shepley, Beth-Ann    WEB PAGE bashepley@avon.k12.ma.us   Biology/Science Department Head
Smith, Brendan bsmith@avon.k12.ma.us   Physical Education
Thomas, Gregory gthomas@avon.k12.ma.us   Special Education
Watjus, Jill jwatjus@avon.k12.ma.us   MS Art
Whitworth, Kerriann kwhitworth@avon.k12.ma.us   Grade 7 - Science, Social Studies
Young, Carol cyoung@avon.k12.ma.us   Resource Tutorial Assistant