Head Coach: Mike Walsh(Holbrook)
Assistant Coach: Hallam Depina-Holmes (Avon)
Assistant Coach: William Curtis (Holbrook)
Middle School Coach: Vincent Ventosi (Holbrook)
2:30 P.M.- 5:00 P.M. (M-F)
@Holbrook Middle-High School
*Practice time and location may change because of weather
  • Students MUST be picked up on time
  • Students have 15 min from the return to AMHS to be picked up.
  • Any student that is picked up after the 15-minute allotted time will meet with the coaching staff and Athletic Director to figure out a solution.
  • In case of an emergency
    • Student’s emergency contact will be used
  • In case of Covid symptoms
    • Students will be placed in separate location
    • Emergency contact will be used