School Safety

Safety is our top priority at Avon Middle High School.  Students are encouraged to be vigilant and report any concerning behaviors to a staff member immediately.  We teach and encourage all students, "see something, say something". 

What We Do:

  • Common Planning Time for teachers
  • RtI: teachers meet to discuss ways to help students; track and monitor student progress
  • Adult supervision in hallways and bathrooms
  • Assemblies for students regarding bullying and cyberbullying
  • SBIRT: Screening for substance abuse disorder for 7th & 10th graders
  • Student events like Dr. Mykee Fowlin-Acceptance (ACES)
  • Advisory - allows for each student to know an adult, meets weekly
  • Safety Egress Drills and ALICE training for all staff and students
  • MARC Certified Train the Trainer - Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Parent events such as Open House, Youth Safety Night, and Social Media Night (with Dr. Elizabeth Englander
  • Two dedicated staff to assist students with personal/mental health issues
  • Partnership with the Avon Police Department & ACES (Avon Coalition for Every Student)
  • Building remains locked during the school day
  • Communication system: Connect Ed, provides accurate information
  • Police presence in and around building