Butler Staff Directory

About Us
Name Title Other
Sarah E. Shaw Principal email
Kim Bothwell Assistant Principal email
Lynne Blakeman Secretary email
Sonya Mahoney Clerical Assistant email
Emily Haworth Special Education email
Amanda Dowd School Nurse (Butler Elementary) E-Mail
Courtney Fontaine School Psychologist email
Cathy McGrath After School Coordinator email
Grade 1
Name Title Other
Stacie Gallerani Grade 1 Teacher email
Susan Hamblin Grade 1 Teacher email
Rebecca Hewitt Grade 1 Teacher email
Grade 2
Name Title Other
Leane Barbosa Grade 2 Teacher email
Laurie Gugliotta Grade 2 Teacher email
Leona Albanese Grade 2 Teacher email
Grade 3
Name Title Other
Erin Galvin Grade 3 Teacher email
Susie Joyce Grade 3 Teacher email
Megan James Grade 3 Teacher email
Grade 4
Name Title Other
Katelyn McMurdie Grade 4 Teacher email
Karen Schofield Grade 4 Teacher email
Kerry Vrabel Grade 4 Teacher email
Grade 5
Name Title Other
Holly Fraser Grade 5 Teacher email
Kaitlin Leaver Grade 5 Teacher email
Cathy McGrath Grade 5 Teacher email
Grade 6
Name Title Other
Shawna McCusty Grade 6 Teacher email
Jennifer O'Brien Grade 6 Teacher email
Diane Shanks-Correia Grade 6 Teacher email
Name Title Other
Melody Kirkpatrick Kindergarten Teacher email
Kristy Meserve Kindergarten Teacher email
Jennifer Williams Kindergarten Teacher email
Name Title Other
Lindsay Beddoe Music Teacher email
Physical Education & Health - Butler
Name Title Other
John Mach Physical Education Teacher email
Name Title Other
Lindsay Dennehy Preschool Teacher email
Special Education
Name Title Other
Courtney Fontaine School Psychologist email
Lori Loughlin Occupational Therapist email
Rachel Thomas Physical Therapist email
Katie Frias Reading Title I email
Megan Joy Special Education email
Hanna Nash Speech and Language email
Elizabeth Storer Special Education email
Ellen Duro Special Education email
Susan McCabe Special Education email
Emily Haworth Special Education email
Jacqueline Duffy ESL email
Nicole Ruggles School Adjustment Counselor email
Sarah Griffin Behaviorist email
Sandra Penke Speech and Language email
Name Title Other
Ben Pond Computer Teacher email